Molly Ashe for Louisburg Farms

Founded in 2013 by Elizabeth Johnson, Louisburg Farm is an international stable based in the United States of America, named after Louisburg Square located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. 

Louisburg Farm carries a vision of long-term growth and development for the sport of show jumping in America. “I think we put a heavy emphasis on developing young horses" says Manager Paul Butterworth. "We tend to invest in horses when they are six or seven years old and the interest of Louisburg Farm is to produce young horses. “

"With that in mind, we are supportive of the future of American Show Jumping and supportive for the love of the sport rather than any other reason."

“What I love to see is the horses succeeding within the ring. It doesn’t have to be the international ring, it can be in young horses competitions as well" says Founder and Owner Beth Johnson. "I think that is the most gratifying and what I love the most about the sport.”

Louisburg Farm draws great importance from developing young horses over time with the goal of the international arena. “The goal is to be at the top level of the sport but to work our way there" says Paul. "We would like to slowly build our way to the top of the sport rather than step in.”

“The goal is not to produce the horses to sell but rather to produce the horses for the top sport. Louisburg Farm is focused on working closely with our horses as they develop through the ranks."

"We began our partnership with Molly Ashe in August of 2014. Molly has a lot of experience and has been around a long time. Her return to the sport is exciting both for Louisburg Farm and US Show jumping. Ashe’s cool, calm demeanor is an asset for not only our horses but international competition as well."

“I think in this sport, you are what you are sitting on" says Molly Ashe, previous winner of the American Invitational, among many other victories. "There are a lot of great riders out here that are not at the top of the sport because they may not have what they need underneath them.”

Paul Butterworth for Louisburg Farm

“It doesn’t happen very often in our country, where you have owners who do focus on buying them young and bringing them up slowly to the top of the sport so I think as far as our collaboration is concerned, I am thrilled to work with Louisburg Farm for the long term with this great group of horses we have.”

“We have some very exciting young horses coming through the ranks that people are going to start seeing and that is exciting.”

Discussing what drives riders to achieve success at the international ranks, Molly Ashe has great experience and knowledge from a long career in the sport. Discussing what drives her specifically, Ashe's vision is one that Louisburg Farm shares.

“It is a sport that has many factors, not just us and our performance that day. I have never done it really for more than the love of the horses and my successes have always been under those circumstances. I try not to get to wrapped up in the whirlwind.”

“I think riders have a tendency to want to prove themselves. The horses come with your results. Everything in this sport comes with success so everyone is always out there trying to prove them selves. So much comes down to the success in the ring.”

“A desire to go out and win is what drives anyone to get to the top" admits Ashe. “I feel I have something to prove to the powers that be. I am as driven as ever to succeed in this sport and I think it’s a big mistake in this sport to try and achieve great results for any other reason other than your own personal vision. You must do it for the rights reason, which is for the horses and the owners.”